About Us

Welcome to Kaia House, Home to the Purest Skin on Earth!! Our name, like our philosophy, is based on purity and the knowledge that modern day demands on our skin need modern day solutions that are effective, innovative and good for our health. In fact, the name ‘Kaia’ is derived from the ancient Scandinavian word for ‘Pure’ and ‘Skin’ in Hindi, representing the purity of the products we bring to Eco- and Health conscious Women, Men and Babies all over the World.

Unlike most traditional beauty stores, we believe in bringing only the best from both advanced science and ancient natural remedies to our customers and only carry products that are both safe and effective, as well as animal and environmentally friendly. Your health and well-being is a serious matter, and for this reason, we consult the internationally recognized Environmental Working Group and their Cosmetics Safety Database to verify the safety of each ingredient in every single one of our products. From this database, we created our own safety guide for your reference called the ‘Most UN-wanted List’, an extensive list of synthetic chemicals found in everyday products to avoid.

At Kaia House, we find that the more pure a product is from synthetic chemicals and additives, the better our skin looks and feels. Every day there is new evidence that going ‘Natural’ is the smartest thing to do for our Environment and our Health. With today’s advances in technology and knowledge of powerful Natural ingredients and Anti-Oxidants that are safer and more effective than synthetic alternatives, going ‘Natural’ is the smartest thing you can do for your looks too!